Pronounced /LENT-ah-ranth/ it is not a new pagan holiday, it’s a lentil amaranth loaf.  I was inspired by my friend Karen who brought an awesome lentil loaf to a potluck.  I asked her about it and she said she went to the internet for inspiration and came across The Magical Loaf Studio

This site captures the spirit of edible improv.  There are 9 categories (protein, carbohydrate, vegetables, etc.) and in each category you choose what you’ll put in your loaf.  It gives a framework for your creation and you even get to name it!

The best part is it generates an official looking recipe including step by step instructions.  As usual, I only loosely followed the recipe.  I had fun making the loaf, but the end result wasn’t that exciting.  The main issue I had was spices.

I’ve never been very good at spicing food.  Growing up, my father was allergic to garlic, onions, pepper and most other spices, so I’m used to bland food.  When some of our friends left town for Thailand, they left us with their spice collection, and lately I’ve been a little spice happy, just throwing in a sprinkle of this and a dash of that.  Sometimes it’s good, but not always.

For the letaranth it had a kind of burning acrid taste that I couldn’t identify.  My solution was to smother it in cayenne pepper and salt which made it edible.  I was able to identify the offending spice when I used too much of it in another dish – mustard powder.

Lesson learned: use mustard powder sparingly.

But besides the outcome of my first loaf experience, I had fun making it and hopefully I’ll work up some combinations that will taste better.  I’m excited to add vegan loaves to my repertoire.

Here is the basic blueprint of my lentaranth, if you’re curious:

  • Carbohydrates: cooked amaranth and millet
  • Protein: cooked lentils
  • Nuts or Seeds: walnuts and sunflower seeds
  • Vegetables: veggies from making stock (probably not the best choice as they lacked flavor)
  • Liquid: veggie broth
  • Herbs & Seasonings: too many – no mustard powder next time and more garlic!
  • Binder: ground flax seeds
  • Salty Seasoning: tamari and “real” salt
  • Oil: olive oil

Now go loaf up your own recipe -> The Magical Loaf Studio

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