About Us

This is our philosophy:

We experiment with our food. A lot of times it’s good; sometimes it sucks. If you’re looking for specific measurements, you won’t find them here. We are not cooks, chefs, or bakers – we are eaters.

Who we are:

Eva spent the last year traveling, including six months on the Big Island of Hawaii at Kalani Oceanside Retreat. She is now happily reunited with her Vitamix. She is largely composed of avocado smoothies, which her mother drank with great abandon during her pregnancy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Eva works as a life coach, empowering sensitive folks to embrace their sensitivity in order to thrive. Check out her site here.

Josh lives in Ashland, Oregon with his wife Andrea. He grew up near San Diego and is composed mainly of sunshine and mud. Josh has been allergic to dairy his entire life and is still amazed by how people can eat baby cow food. He manages a distributed urban orchard – Neighborhood Harvest. For the last 3 years Josh has been avoiding gluten and has been enjoying the new found freedom of being able to breathe through his nose.

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